The Father Checklist

The Father Checklist


It seems in today’s narrative fathers have been assigned a role of unimportance. The newspaper, the radio, the TV, and the movies have made fathers overall to be a bunch of muddling fools. When I picked up the newspaper on Sunday morning, Father’s Day, and read the comics they all were unflattering to fathers if Father’s was mentioned at all.

Growing up in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s television provided some interesting role models. There was Father Knows Best,  Make Room for Daddy, Bonanza, Andy Griffith, My Three Sons, and Archie Bunker. Some of the characters were interesting and really provided a place to begin the process of what kind of father I might become.

Real father models like Scout leaders, teachers, church youth leaders, and my friends’ fathers also helped me create a future picture of the father I might become.

What I believe is that fathers have been pushed to the back burner as the irrelevant and silent warriors of my generation.  

Men of all ages can be a father figure to their own children as well as children that have no father. Here are some suggestions on becoming a father that will help pass along the legacy.

  1. Be Brave

Stand for what is right and teach what is wrong. You are the protector, mentor and coach.

  1. Be Involved

Sometimes all that matters is that you show up. Other times you will have to lend a guiding hand.

  1. Be Intuitive

Learn to listen to the words used and the body language to know before they tell you what is going on.

  1. Be Silent

Sometimes the less said and the more listening will be what they need. Pay attention to words, facial expressions, and body language.

  1. Be Consistent

The wise words of a grandparent were, “If you don’t want them to do it a second time – don’t let them get away with it the first time.”  Sometimes we only had to say, “You got away with it once –“. Be consistent with your words, actions, expectations, and deeds.

  1. Teach Civility

 Be consistent in your Courtesy, Politeness, Manners, Consideration, Respect, in words, deeds, and actions. How to play fair. They will be watching and listening to you. They will mimic your actions and words. Play fair and be fair.

  1. Teach how to handle money.

Compound interest and the Law of 72, when you spend it, it is gone, develop wise spending habits early. There are financial courses for youth so check them out – the whole family may learn something.

  1. Teach the downfall of instant gratification.

There is often benefit in waiting. Execute – Prepare – Research OR Research – Prepare – Execute

  1. Teach the adventure of continuous, on-going learning.

Show by the television shows you watch, reading books, magazines, newspapers, attending seminars, picking a subject and learning everything you can about it.  

  1. Teach finding the good and beauty in the world and everyone in it. Having “Godfidence” in all that they do.

Godfidence: an assurance of mind and a firm belief in the heart in the reality of God and possessing the courage to become completely who God has called you to be and do what He has called you to do.

D.W.(Dick) Powell

The Leadership Wrangler



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