Be Truth Filled! Be Authentic!

When you tell people your dreams – Do you hear:

          You can’t do that!

          Who do you think you are?

          You don’t have the education!

          I didn’t know you were interested in that!

          Own you own business?

          You better get a real job!

I did! One day I awoke and realized that:

          I can do anything I put my mind and body too!

          I am what I have been made!

          I will find a way to get what is needed!

          I am!

          I work for myself!

          I have one!

For years I was held back by my own negative thoughts. I had become what was expected in dress, word and deed. Fortunately I had an awakening!

It did not come from my circle. I had to leave the old circle behind and search for a new one. A positive one. A supportive one.

Be very careful of negative people who wish to hold you where you are. They like you there. They are comfortable. To break out will be uncomfortable and will have painful consequences for them.

Is your circle negative or positive? Do they build you up and support you or are they always finding a way to tear you down?

Your circle of friends and family may be your biggest challenge. Moving on and leaving the negativity behind is hard. The exciting part is we have a choice. Choosing a circle/family of positive people to surround yourself will help you fulfill the future you are dreaming of.

We must choose to be with those that show us unconditional love, total support and belonging.

God will place those new people in your path.

Your job will be to realize and accept the gift.

Accepting brothers and sisters is God’s wish for everyone.


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