Gloom & Doom


                No Joy – No Hope – No Celebration


After sitting with a local person of faith today, he said boldly that he was not there to entertain or provide tips on living a full and productive life. He was there to tell of all the horrors that he saw in the world. My questions were based on what solutions did he see. He had no interest in solutions only gloom and doom.

I feel as a leader, my opportunity is to recognize the situation, work to build bridges and search and implement solutions.

I believe that we can find joy in all that we have been given. In the worst of times, some have risen to see joy in themselves and those around them. This is the offer of hope. For without hope all is lost. There would be no reason to continue. We must celebrate every day. Be blessed by what has worked out well and learn from the things that have not.

I believe that without joy, without hope, and without celebration, our world as we know it would have died a long time ago.

  1. Be joyful for what you have and where you are and not for what you think you deserve. Find a bit of joy in each day.

  2. Be hopeful for today in which you are living and hopeful of the future as it unwinds. Be Hopeful!

  3. Be celebratory. Celebrate everything. Sun up, sun down and all in between. Celebratory!

“If YOU are not planning Your life – Someone Else IS and WILL” — Wrangler

The Leadership Wrangler

D.W.(Dick) Powell



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