How many of us really stop just for a moment and think about our words. How powerful they are. How we use them so carelessly.

When our children are small we call them butterball, punkin, stinky, holy terror, cutie pie, baby, and then we continue to use the words because they make us smile and the children cannot talk back yet. When they are older and start talking and mispronounce a word we answer back in baby talk instead of pronouncing the word correctly. As the children get older and do not pronounce a word correctly we make fun of the way they say the word and then repeat it back to them the same way they just said it. It is no wonder that mispronounced words are so common.

What about the words we use when we talk to other adults? At home, at work, in happy times and in angry times. Who do we think is listening?

Do we ask questions or do interrogations? Words are powerful, use them appropriately and correctly.

Words – Let’s think about them before we use them.

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