Learning is not all about listening to hypothetical situations, especially when the learners on the most part, are not of an age that they have experienced or can understand any of the outcomes. The learning process has to contain a portion of a hands on element, an interactive element, (heavy on the ACTIVE) and then teaching of someone else.

When one teaches, two learn. It is about small outcomes that some will call “failures” and will lead to solutions.  So, why do we continue to teach this way?  Failing is not failing. It is learning through experimentation and creativity. Learning is all about the discipline to keep going and asking the question, “What’s Next?” over and over. Taking the idea to the end of its process is learning, even if the end proves to be a new beginning.

When I was eleven years old, my grandfather gave me a small piece of wood and four nails and said, “What can you make with these?” He had a huge stack of rubber bands on his work bench and always said he would clean it up someday.

After a long day of thinking and pounding I came up with a portion of the wood left. It was two inches square and it had the four nails pounded in almost straight. I placed the rubber bands on it and cleaned up his desk. He was so excited that he put rubber band holders in his product line. It was how I paid for my first week at Boy Scout Summer Camp. Creativity is the mother of adventure and innovation.

Learning takes action, involvement, imagination, curiosity, and guidance.

Are YOU ready to learn how to take yourself, your relationships, your business, or your life to a new level?

If YOU are: Call Right Now!   (727) 422-1833

Dick Powell – The Leadership Wrangler



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