Have you discovered your talents? If so, what are they?

Have you put them to use in your daily life or kept them hidden?

If you have not searched and found your talents: Why not?

If not do you know how and where to start?

Are you comparing the gift(s) you were given against someone else’s gift(s)?

Have you ever heard anyone say: I don’t have any talent! You have a lot of talents and I only have one, and it’s of no use to me.

If you have not searched for your talent(s) you have already lost your way in life.

What is holding you back? Why are you afraid to go on one of the greatest adventures life has to offer?

If you have located your talent and never use it, you are even more lost.

It is our living and breathing quest to search, find, and put to use each and every talent we are given, to help ourselves, and Yes, to help others around us.

What I can do only I can do, but with do we together we can do much more!

The comparison part is often called the “Keeping up with the Jones’s”. The feeling of inadequacy because they can do something better than you. Maybe they are looking at you and wishing they could do something you are doing.

Always play to your strengths and find someone to help fill in the spots that you need filled.

wrangler-2D.W.(Dick)Powell   727-422-1833

Dick@LeadershipWrangler.com   www.LeadershipWrangler.com


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