wrangler-2Wranglers / Leaders:

  • Develop new skills before they are needed.
  • Are curious about life and all that it has to offer by being continuous lifelong learners.
  • Have learned the fine art of storytelling and have at least three such stories ready and available at all times.
  • Know how and when to listen and show compassion.
  • Have learned the art of the question and know when and where to use it.
  • Say what they mean and mean what they say. No Political Correctness in their conversations.
  • Follow their gut instincts, interests, and passions.
  • Read constantly on many different subjects at one time. Exploring their interests, passions, business, and just for fun.
  • Exhibit a deep sense of humor and have the ability to see the lighter side of failure.
  • Build solid relationships by having a genuine interest on what make the other person happy and engaged.
  • Can improvise with the best. Having the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
  • Like to be around other leaders, learning all they can put to use in their own lives.

wrangler-2Leadership Wrangler

D.W.(Dick) Powell    Dick@LeadershipWrangler.com




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