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What Is YOUR Brand?

This is the question I pose to everyone I meet. You see everyone has a brand of some kind. It is not just attached to a company or organization.

A logo can send a message of your brand. Logos are thought out and planned carefully to send the message of the product as a way everyone will remember the product.

I have a friend who is into those fancy socks. The wilder the better. He is known far and wide and the wild sock guy. People know that long before they know anything else about him.

Your brand is personal. It says who you are, what you like, where in life you want to be and so much more. Your brand starts with subtle things like, your hair style, what clothes you choose to wear, the way you wear the cloths, jewelry, shoes, all that go into your personal logo, what brands you.

If you have never thought of yourself as a walking, talking, driving billboard, consider that everywhere you go someone – everyone – is watching and taking notes.

We all do it. It is called people watching and the judgement of the logo, the brand, is how we determine if we want to build a relationship or not build a relationship.

So, the next time you walk out of your front door, look in the mirror and ask, “What is the message I am sending today? Is this the message I intend to send?”

The message needs to be:





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