Lost in the Land of “As Soon As”

Have you ever been lost?

Daniel Boone was once asked if he had ever been lost: He answered; “No,

I have been confused for a couple of days – But never Lost!”

I was raised in a household that was stuck in the land of “As Soon As”

They were and are still stuck there.

Let explain: The Land of AS Soon AS

As soon as I have the right job

As soon as I have enough money

As soon as I have the right house

As soon as you are old enough

The list goes on and on

Many years ago I had the opportunity to go, hear and learn from Stephen

Covey. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Powerful Lessons in

Personal Change.

He asked: Who in the room had a mentor or Coach?

It could be someone you have never met.

It could be someone you know personally

It could be someone you only know in a book

He reached into his pocket and pulled out an old and battered compass.

Held it up so everyone could see what it is.

And asked: How many of you know where your compass is pointing?

Compass is not unlike that Mentor or Coach. Someone or

someone’s that help you draw on the map where you want to go.

He asked if anyone knew which way was North?

True North – The compass needle always swings to true

North.  This is our values. What we stand for and what our non-negotiable’s are.

Direction – Do you know where you want to go? What is your Vision?

Can you describe it to me? Is it on paper?

Stephen Covey say: “Begin with the end in mind”

Can you draw a map with a trail marked to follow?

Change – Change comes slowly. Either good or bad. To change your life

you have to change your mind and to change your mind you must become

a lifelong learner. The decision is yours.

Action – You will never get anywhere until that first step is taken.

You must; “Get UP – Look UP – Link UP”

Compass – Mentor / Coach

Direction – True north / Values

Vision – Begin with the end in mind

Change – If you want to change your life / you have to change your mind

Only you can decide to leave the Land of AS SOON AS and move to the land of Possible.

Are YOU Ready? Call RIGHT NOW!! 727-422-1833

Dick@EWFW.org    http://www.EWFW.org



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