Fire the Committee!

Do you have a committee (other people) in your head telling you what to do?

The truth is most of have this tiny group weighing in on our every decision. Where is Jiminy Cricket when you need him?

Do they never get enough?

Because our brain never stops correlating the information we place it is always working and no stop action. For this reason, it seems the committee never even sleeps.

Are you never quite good enough?

Most of my life I was told I was not good enough and for that reason the committee kept repeating it over and over to me in that quiet silence that we all hear. The war had to be fought with positive input from me and over time, I have won the war. You can too.

Do they make you second-guess each decision?

When we second-guess ourselves, we usually make a wrong decision. Go with your gut instinct and you will normally end up at the right place.

Are they still there from work? Growing up?

Going in and rewriting your mental hard drive is not easy. It will take time, discipline, and perseverance. Stick to it and add people to your tribe that believe in you. It will make you and them better as you both will grow.

Do you know what your gifts, talents, and passions are?

Discovering your gifts, talents, and passions is one thing. Living and using your gifts, talents, and passions is something else. If you have already made you discover. Write it down. Share it with your trusted group. Live out your purpose will zeal and enthusiasm.

Would you like to live your life by your values?

If your answer is Yes! Start right now! Today!, It is time to FIRE the Committee!

Only you can make that decision and put the Action to the attraction.

Need help? We are here for you!


Earth Wind Fire Water Training and  Development




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