When I hear the word TEAM, I think of the old west and the teamsters that drove the wagons. Some folks think they were just the drivers, when in reality they were individual leaders leading their teams up, over mountains, and across the prairies.

Let us take a look at what had to be done before driving out.


  • Horses or whatever animal, must be feed, curried, shod, cleaned up after
  • Tack had to be cleaned, oiled, repaired if needed
  • Wagon had to have the wheels greased and hubs tightened
  • Horses had to be harnessed & connected to the wagon loaded
  • Destination planned
  • Return trip planned


That would be a whole day’s work for me and the driver still had to control the reins of the horses or they would go in circles. Just a driver, I ask.


The horses would pull the load of the wagon. Stepping together in a rhythm only, they knew. If one got out of rhythm, it would throw off the whole team.


The moral of the story is it takes everyone to do his or her part to get to where you are going!


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