DW Preach 2

Transformational Leadership

Transform – To change   Leadership – Influence

Transformational Leadership –  “leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.” James McGregor Burns

A Transformational Leader:

Lives a life of Integrity

Implements Fairness in all situations and actions

Incorporates clear and defined Goals

Installs high Expectations for themselves

Installs a Support system

Installs Recognition as common place

Brings Enthusiasm to encourage thought and action

Moves all to Think and Act beyond their personal interests

Ability to usher in the Probable from the improbable

Becoming a Transformational Leader takes intentionality, dedication, and perseverance none of which happens in a day. It will require a Coach to inspire you, to hold you accountable, to bring you to that next level, ensuring those around you learns from you.

“People do what people see & People repeat what people hear”

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