Has Technology Helped or Hindered Communication?

Has Technology Helped or Hindered Communication?


Long ago, far away, we communicated face to face, then other methods quickly started to take over. The laying of sticks or stones to show the way. Chipping or painting rocks to tell a story. Smoke and drums could travel long distances and we looked for more. The tap of the telegraph, the pony express, trains, and the list grew.

We started to remove ourselves from the person to person, face to face, relationships. The telephone, answering machine, pagers, cell phones, cell watches, text, email, speed is the key word. Not Relationship! We constantly look how to do whatever it is faster with less and less human interaction.

When we lose human interaction, relationship building, we lose the ability to have empathy for one another. This is where the victim mentality grows and the no ho, no meaning resides. Even the written word has been replaced with the radio, TV, audio books and recordings. It seems like a person has to watch or listen while doing other things to be busy.

Technology used in a positive interaction is a great thing in our world today. I do not believe it will ever take the place of actual personal interaction, relationship building, and healthy communication.

This all started when I was asked: How can I make more money?

My answer was simple; Provide Excellent Customer Service! Answer the phone. Get rid of the machine. If someone does leave a message, call them back. If you leave a message, follow up. Face to face is always best. Even Skype is better than a text. If you can not see the eyes, you never know what lies.



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