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Lazy, Ignorant, or Both?

Recently I was walking through a museum and reading the cards that dotted each exhibit when all of a sudden a quote big as life was there before me on the wall.

“Steeped in ignorance, wrapped in self-satisfaction and complacency, possessed of little or no ambition…These people present a problem that demands and challenges the attention of thinking men and women.” Miriam Sizer 1929 Teacher

When I read those words it came to me the answer that I am asked everywhere I go. The question is; Dick, why is it so important to you, to teach Personal Accountability and Personal Leadership every day and everywhere you go?

I now had the answer and the next thing I knew a new thought ran through my head. It said; Rewrite and share the knowledge from The Book of Woodcraft by Ernest Thompson Seton. A model of Life Skills to be used in everyday life. Not just a formal education, but a hands on learning of life skills, of values, of negotiating oneself through the turbulent time of self-growth known as Personal Accountability and Personal Leadership.

What came next was the research, preparation, and now it is time for the execution of the plan.

I cannot do this alone. I need the help of many to pass along the knowledge.

“If YOU are not planning Your life – Someone Else IS and WILL” D.W.P.

If You like I believe we are in desperate need of true Leaders. Please Help!

CLICK HERE! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wrangler/seton-project-1-rediscovering-lifecraft-lifeskills


Wrangler D.W.(Dick) Powell


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