Pedigree vs Character

Have we as the American people gone from living lives of Character to lives of Pedigree?

This question woke me from a sound slumber and I was propelled from my bed to write the message down.

First, we need to look at the definitions, as I understand them.

Pedigree: Distinguished, Excellent, Pure Ancestry

Character: Moral, Ethical, Internal/External Quality

As I watch people in general go through their lives, the pattern I am seeing is quite disturbing. I see elitism even more than racism. I see the worried concerns over The RIGHT Preschool, the RIGHT Kindergarten, the RIGHT Elementary school, the RIGHT Middle school, the RIGHT High school, and the RIGHT College.

I read every day that college students have become so thin skinned and misaligned that if they do not agree with the student next to them that violence pushes out or worse, snobbery. We seem to have raised generations of “Pedigree people”, that spew you owe me, I have the letters behind my name, I went to Pedigree school, hire me and pay me a high salary, even though I have done nothing to prove my value or worth to the organization. My pedigree alone makes me superior.

On the other side of the coin I see those who, when faced without a job, dig deep, discover their gifts, talents, and passions, to build successful lives of service to others. They are willing to put in the long hours, eating beans and rice, rice and beans. Doing what it takes to have the dream, do the research, get prepared, and execute the plan. Finding out what works and risking the failures to learn how to move on, move ahead.

America was built on Character and we have become lazy and resentful of those who work with their hands. We have forgotten that those who work with their hands build the houses, put in the plumbing, ran the electric, dug the holes, and climbed the poles. Do not misunderstand what I am saying. Yes, academia is important. Sometimes pedigree is important. I am saying that Character Education starts in the home and the organizations that teach responsibility, accountability, and leadership.

So, what is the answer?

If you came from a misaligned family unit, go and find a P.E.T. class and see what a family unit and raising children can look like and become.

Get involved with an organization that teaches responsibility, accountability, and leadership. Then model that at home, at work, in the community. Anyone can learn if they want to improve.

Pass it on. Share your knowledge of how we can change by being accountable for our actions by our word and deed. Be a Model! In addition, always remember: People Do What People See YOU Doing!

I encourage you to go and be a MODEL of Character and not of pedigree!

WranglerD.W. Powell – Leadership Wrangler

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development




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