WranglerFather’s Day

Father’s day 2016 found me at Church listening to a long drawn out sermon and it never mentioned Fathers Day. On Mothers Day every mother was handed a long stem red rose. Nothing on Father Day. I found myself thinking of my son who passed just a short eleven years ago.

I realized that as a father I had done OK. Helping to raise our two great children with my wife. Being able to provide for my family. Being involved in Scouting as a dad and a leader of not only my son and daughter but dad to a lot of others who did not have a dad or participatory dad. Being involved in our Church family as a Sunday school teacher and leader. By living as an example and not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Even though Fathers Day is always treated differently than Mothers Day, it really does not matter. What matters are the men out there in the world who step up and father not only their children but others that happen to come along.

Father’s Day is not about the new tie, pair of socks, or the card. It is really about Fathers learning and striving to be a better father, not just for one day a year, but Every Single Day!!


Happy Father’s Day

WranglerDick Powell


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