Where Has Civility Gone?

Today I stopped and help the door open for a young lady at the supermarket. The reaction was not what I expected. She looked at me and said in a loud voice. I don’t need you to open doors for me! She walked in with a scowl and I was left there wondering why. In my mind it was a simple act of courtesy. Yes, it was the way I was raised.

On to the next store and on the way an older driver did not see me and about ran in to me. He then proceeded to yell nasty things about me and drove off. Again, I was; left to wonder.

You see it is not an age thing or a gender thing. It seems we have lost the ability to be nice to one another, in our speech, in our actions, and in what we are teaching the young people watching. Yes, people do what people see.

Civility means courtesy, politeness, manners, and good upbringing.


It is time to instruct parents that have never learned manners.

It is time to insure manners are the acceptable way of behavior.


Life Skills at home, at school, at Church

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Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell

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