Peopl Who Are Able to Speak in Public Make More Money!

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People Who Are Able to Speak in Public make more MONEY!


So you really want to improve your public speaking, interviews and presentations?

If that is really true then you must be open to get some assistance. So again, are you sure?

Here are a few tips that helped me improve and build my confidence. You will feel uncomfortable to a degree, but it is the only way to grow:

  • Listen carefully to others in general to compare styles, cadence, mannerisms.
  • Listen to a speaker and evaluate their performance.
  • Listen to yourself form what you are going to say in your head as a means to self-correct or to have clarity.
  • Get written feedback from others.
  • Practice your presentation with a coach or someone who will give you honest feedback.
  • Tape yourself and grade yourself.
  • When given feedback, accept it and use it to make improvements.
  • Read often; sometimes the words you misuse or mispronounce is because you have never seen the words; therefore you heard it incorrectly and that became a habit.
  • When it is discovered by you that you struggle with certain words, find a substitute word.
  • Do not make excuses.
  • Practice, practice, practice……..

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