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Changing Client/Customer Attraction to Conversion (Sales)


Once you have found the prospective client/customer and they are interested in you, your services, or product, you will need to then convert that interest into a sale in order to survive.

You Must Continually:

  1. Remove yourself from where you are comfortable to the danger zone.
  2. Become super informed of yourself, your service, or product.
  3. Become super knowledgeable of yourself, your service, or product.
  4. Become an avid reader.
  5. Upgrade your knowledge and skills.
  6. Ask who you are serving.
  7. Ask what they really want.
  8. Ask what do they need or consider valuable.
  9. Know their expectations.
  10. Know that it all boils down to 80% Marketing & 20% Sales

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