IMG_0239 smallObservations


  1. Those who cannot express their values – usually do not have any.


  1. Those who express no passion for anything – usually have none.


  1. Those that have no written goals – usually float though life, blaming all around them for their lack of success.


  1. Those who tell me that they let very little bother them usually have little to no conscience.


  1. Those who read – lead & succeed.


  1. Those with a positive attitude live long and happy lives.


  1. Happy young people – are happy old people. Grumpy young people are

          grumpy old people.


  1. Those that have a purpose – live that purpose.


  1. Those who learn proper speech – are usually listened to.


  1. Those who spend time on their knees – usually are the ones that can stand and face the daily demands of life.

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