Planning-and-Action-1Last Week

 This last week I have heard from several of the young and not so young on how the world is mistreating them and they don’t see it getting any better. My answer is always: life is what you make it. No one comes into the world with all the gifts, all the talent, all the knowledge, all the money and all the time. You have to seek it out and put it to work for yourself. Yes, I agree that no one can do it alone. So share your gifts, talents, and knowledge with someone and build what you desire. The big question that seems to escape the wandering minds is What is it that I want?

This takes time and thought. Something I am not sure most know how to do or want to learn how to do. The instant gratification verses the research, preparation and the execution of idea. Thought and passion, seems lost with the movement of thumbs on a small device. Instead of logical thought, conversation it is about trivial things that do not move one ahead.

 Open and honest communication, ongoing and continuous learning will be the key. The need to sit face to face with one another, around the table or campfire, learning and growing and then putting the knowledge and learning into use. That IS what it is all about!

No, the world is not the way it used to be and neither are we. We must reignite the fire of progress and not stay in the Dark Ages. Transformation is an inspirational and intentional decision. If “Procrastination and Indecision” are your best friends, it is time to walk away from them and find new ones, like “Inspirational” and “Intentional Decision”.

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