Six Steps To Take You From AsSoonAs to You Are There!

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Six Steps To Take You From AsSoonAs to You Are There!

My Story:

I grew up on a dead end street. It ended in a dank, dark, mysterious swamp. My family was, to say the least, full of negativity and all the reasons why no one would ever find their way out of the dismal place. Its name: The Land of AsSoonAs. The paths in AsSoonAs lead nowhere as they were always full of the reasons why it was someone else’s fault, that I could never do…,  and the others outside had all of the luck.

As I wandered through my life in the land of AsSoonAs a wise old mentor found me and shared with me the path out of the land of AsSoonAs and into the kingdom of You’reThere.

I now share this great adventure with you!

Step 1. Research: You must start with the Vision of the future picture of your life as you want it to be. First, you must go deep into yourself, define, and clarify your personal values and what are your non-negotiable. You must know your strengths and weaknesses. You must know what you want to delete, what you need to keep, and what you want to add to your life. This must be done in your personally and then expand into your family, career, activities, and business.

Step 2. Prepare: You must take the knowledge of your weaknesses and strengths to design a plan to add to your strengths and to build on your weaknesses. This plan will consist of a daily five. These five things will always push you forward on your journey.  I myself am an author, speaker, and mentor. My daily five are: Read – a writer must read every day to keep up on his craft as well as learn how others have shared information in a way others learn. Write – a writer must write every day in order to hone words and thoughts. I write a minimum of an hour per day and many days many hours. Speak – a speaker must speak somewhere every day. For me this means I will speak even if it is only in a line waiting to pay for a purchase. I am fortunate that I can strike a conversation with almost any one. Network – connecting or networking with people is a seven day, twenty-four hour a day opportunity to share with others. It is also a great way to build relationships that can benefit you and the other party. Plan –  I plan daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even further into the future. My road map sometimes takes a detour but I always know that I am heading in the right direction.  Read-Write-Speak-Network-Plan.  Every day.

Step 3. Execute: You must execute your plan daily. It is fine to have your Vision (Future Picture) written out. Your Mission (Purpose) written out. Your Strategy (Plan) written out. If you do not execute or enact, it is all for naught. Failure is NOT a bad word. It is a positive learning experience! It is better to fail and learn than to do nothing and have nothing. My biggest failures (to others) turned out to be my biggest wins. All because I gave it my Best Try (Try=someone who always gives 110 percent and never, ever quits – Ty Murray).

Step 4. Network: You have to build relationships in this world. None of us can do anything great by ourselves. During my year, I meet many people and they share their business cards and sometimes a cup of coffee with me. Every January I call everyone in my database and say, “ How are you doing! It has been a long time since we last had a conversation. What is you great adventure you are working on right now? How can I be of help?” I follow up with an email stating how nice it was to hear their voice or how I missed them and left a message. To be a great net worker you must: be genuinely interested in the other person, be in the moment, be prepared to share, be prepared to take some notes, and above all to follow up after the meeting.

Step 5. Celebrate: You must celebrate daily, both wins and losses. When we celebrate our wins, it places a marker in our brains. It feels good and so we run over in our minds how we accomplished the goal. This implants the want and desire to reproduce that feeling. Celebrate your losses also. Treat them as a learning opportunity. You tried and you learned. So, celebrate knowledge and move to the next goal.

Step 6. Evaluate: You must evaluate every single day. At the end of my day I am always looking at what went well, what did not go well, what do I need to add, and what do I need to leave behind. I do this with my journal. On the right page, I write out what happened in my day, from waking up to time to crash and sleep. On the left page I keep my notes about a book I need to read, an article I need to write, a new word that I need to research, a new place to visit. The left page is what I call my idea page. On Sunday afternoons, I look at the week’s notes. This is when I start the next weekly plan, adjusting according to my evaluations. This ensures me that I am always working towards my Vision. There are times when the plan changes, but never the vision.

These Six Steps have taken myself, my family, my career, and our company from living in the land of AsSoonAs to the Kingdom of You’re There.

Are YOU ready?

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