Hiring – The Interview Process


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Hiring – The Interview Process:

  1. Review the Company Vision and Mission statements with the prospect.

This is the very first step in hiring a prospect. If they do not or cannot see the vision of the company, you probably can stop right here.

  1. Define the job in written form. (Expectations)

A written job description that is complete with the job expectations and is shared   with the prospect is the best way to ensure there are no future misunderstandings.      Include what is expected of the prospect, who they will report to, and how corrections    are handled. If hired, this written expectation will be signed by both the new hire           and a company representative.

  1. Review the resume.

I know that there are many resumes for each position you will be filling, slow down and take some time to really read and understand what the prospects resume is saying. I once was told that I had the very worst resume and after rereading it, they realized that they were hiring an instructor and not a resume writer.

  1. Personality Test (keep it simple)

There are many different tests on the market. Our advice is KISS. Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! Use one that will fit your needs and give you an overview of how the prospect will fit into your company’s structure.

  1. Do YOU like them?

This is a hard question. Most of the time, your initial gut reaction is correct. There have been times when I was wrong and had to search out the prospect and hire them.

  1. Ask questions to see if the expectations are part of their passion set.

We always ask what the prospect’s expectations are of the job and of what they really want to accomplish. What is their passion?

  1. Compensation (Be exact)

We have found we need to look at the whole compensation plan and have it writing so there are no misunderstandings of what one of us thought the other has agreed to.

  1. Ask for References.

Ask for at least three references. Ask for an email and a phone number. Make sure at least one has actually worked with the prospect.

  1. Follow up with the references. Ask the references for references.

Contact the references given. Have your questions written down before the call. Ask everyone the same basic set of questions. Ask if there is anything they would like to share. Ask if they know anyone else that would be a reference for the prospect. Follow up now and save your hair in the future.

  1. Spouse / Significant other (A quick conversation may save a lot of drama)

Have a brief conversation with the significant other. A good idea is to share a meal with the prospect and their significant other. Take along your significant other. You will be amazed at what can come out over a meal. Observe the actions, interactions, and ways each relates to the others. A rule of thumb is to not hire crazy or crazy’s spouse.

  1. 90-day probation / trial.

This is a written and signed document. You each have 90 days to affirm that each has made a good choice.


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