Picture 8

I’m Broke!

Today while driving to a client’s office I was stopped at traffic light. I looked over to my right and this is what I saw:

There was a huge silver foreign SUV, with Mom driving, two young people in car seats, and the biggest dog I have ever seen in the back. The mom had a large latte` in one hand and her cell in the other. A bag from the local drive through was in the seat next to her filled to overflowing. The youngsters in the back each had their very own TV screen and tablet. The two young people were consumed with gobbling down the drive through breakfast and doing things on their tablets and watching something on the TV on the way to school. At the next traffic lite, I looked over and this time all I could see and hear was the mom yelling at the young people to finish the blankedeblank breakfast or they would be late. She then ranted how much it cost to keep them in private school and how hard she had to work to do so and that they were the reason the family was always broke. Wow! What a positive note to send them on to class with and a belly full of junk food to power their bodies and their brains.

Reasons you are Broke:

  • Living beyond your income.
  • Huge SUV: That you cannot afford the payments or lousy gas mileage.
  • Private School you cannot afford easily so may not be the best educational choice for your family.
  • Drive through that costs up to 6 times what would to prepare it yourself. Smart meal planners really can make a nutritious and satisfying meal in little more time than waiting at the drive-through.


Learn Life Skills

How to make a budget – How to save – How to live under your means – How to shop – How to cook – How to clean your own house or apartment– Do your own washing and Ironing –

Take a class:

PET – Parent Effectiveness Training

Financial Peace University

Ready to Learn More!

Call 727.422.1833 or www.EWFW.org for a Complementary 30 Minute Phone Session

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell – Leadership Wrangler




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