Are YOU Ready For a Change in Careers?

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Are YOU Ready For a Change in Careers?

First do you want to keep doing what you are doing, just somewhere else?

Have you kept up with your chosen industry?

Do you have a treasure chest with saving to last at least a year?

These are just the start of the questions you need to be asking yourself.

Therefore, you want a change and do not know where to start!

Step one: You will need a paper and a pen. You will be making three lists.

List #1: List all the things you know how to do. (Tie you shoes, spreadsheets, fly a plane)

List #2: List all the things you would really like to do or try. (Cook, write, climb Everest)

List #3: List all the things you never want to do again. (Change baby diapers)

Step two: Compare list #1 & #2. (You will start to see where your interest, gifts, and talents are)

Step three: Do the research on everything you would like to do and explore how to make it lucrative.

If you do not see how to make money – Talk to a Coach.

Step four: Get prepared. If you need to take a class, go to a seminar, call old contacts, and learn a new skill. Do It!

Step five: Execute! Go for it!

Step six: Network – tell everyone you meet; I am a bestselling author or whatever you are doing.

Step seven: Celebrate! Do your happy dance! Share your success.

Step eight: Evaluate and start over!

The reinvention of yourself will be one of the scariest and exciting times of your life!

PS: Hire a Coach to help keep you grounded and accountable.

“If YOU are not planning YOUR life – Someone Else IS and WILL!”


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