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The biggest mistakes in life can be like jumping in the water without checking the depth of the pool. You may be unpleasantly surprised by hitting bottom sooner than you planned. This can be a real problem – especially if you dove in and buried your head in the bottom. Maybe you have occasionally said or done something without thinking it through thoroughly. Maybe you missed a few steps in the planning process.

Many times people have come to me with an idea that is not ready for implementation. There is an aim or goal, but might be ready to really move forward. The thought process was never properly put into place to insure an outcome of success. Something in the planning process was omitted, ignored, or overlooked.

It reminds me of the young person that came through our doors and announced that he had just opened his business. I answered, “Fantastic. Tell me how you started a business so quickly.”

His answer, “I just had my business cards, stationery, and logo printed. I am already set up.”

I asked if he had checked to see if the business name or logo had already been registered. His answer was, “But, it’s mine! I picked it out.”

After a search on the internet, we found out that the company name was registered with the state by another business years ago. That company was already using the same logo and slogan. The original company was properly registered and trademarked.


I had to tell the young man that he was out all the money he had spent and we would have to start over. You see, he never did the Research.

He Fired the gun, before taking Aim, and then thought he could get Ready.

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