The Christmas Wish!

As Robin and I were watching Christmas movies as is our custom at this time of year, a funny thing happened. At the end of one of the movies the main character said these words, “Plan to be surprised!”

Those words took me totally by surprise. My imagination came alive and my mind started its journey to another world. Most people know me as the one who is down to earth, the person to go to if you need help with money, a project, or advice. My inner person is the creative guy just waiting to jump out.

I have been working with a few of the business people in the area getting their business plans down on paper. We put down goals about revenue and business building. We talk about finding a job or a new job or the right job. Very few ever ask me to help them find a way to do what they have always dreamed about having or creating. “Plan to be surprised!”

At this time of year Robin and I start talking about next year. We are very fortunate to own several small business and we love them all. We both love helping others see and realize their gifts and talents and sometimes forget about our own dreams.

As most of you know, I am a long range planner and love to keep looking for what comes next… I read all the financials in the Wall Street Journal, listen to radio talk shows and interview as many people as I can to learn what the next trends will be.

These are my Christmas wishes:

Planning is good – living is better (live each day as if it were your last)

Implementation is good – spontaneity is better

Future thinking is good – living for today is better

Waiting until the time is right – now is better

Performing a job – Living your gifts, talents and passions are better

Plan to be a surprised – that is Priceless!

To Live – To Love – To Pass It On

“Get UP – Look UP – Link UP”

Merry Christmas!

Dick & Robin

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell — The Leadership Wrangler



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