Are You Changing Your Skivvies or are You Changing the World?

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Are You Just Changing Your Skivvies

or are You Changing the World?


As I listened to the speaker of the day talk about how everyone was changing the world, I wondered what are the people around me doing to change the world? For that matter what am I doing?

I hear people all around me all the time complaining and whining that something has to be done. It seems to me, the ones that speak the loudest are the ones that do the least. They never do more than just change their skivvies and I hoped that that was true in itself.

Every day I get up and ask what am I doing today to improve myself and those who I interact with? Changing the world first takes a commitment to a cause that you feel passionate about. A commitment to a cause you are willing to devote time, talent, and resources.

Changing your skivvies is I hope a daily routine. One that you know is good for you and those around you. Therefore, the question is this, “What in my world needs changing that I can have an impact on today?”

How do I encourage others to come along side and get involved?

How do I raise awareness to this problem and the solution?

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