This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America. For some it will be turkey and football. For some it will be the entire family gathering to share a meal and the whirlwind of activity and anxiety that goes with it.

As for me it is a time to take a look back over this last year. It is when I realize all the things and people I have to be thankful for. I am abundantly thankful for those in my past that could see what I would become as I grew.

One special person was my grandfather. A hard man with rules and lots of life stories and sayings. It always amazes me when I am speaking somewhere how his voice comes out and shares a story or two.

Another would be Mrs. Folse my sixth grade teacher who took a struggling young person and provided a sense of self-worthiness, and that words and speech would be my driver in life. She taught that in order to have or share gratitude you had to embody a grateful attitude.

Another teacher, Mr. Traylor, taught us all that working with your hands took a lot of working with your mind. To be able to see the completed project and what had to be done step by step to ensure the completed outcome would not just be good, but your best.

I am thankful God placed my wife Robin in my path to teach me to be a better man.

Gratitude = Grateful Attitude

I am thankful for the past. I am thankful for the future. I am thankful for all that God has given to each and every one of us today.

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Dick Powell    Leadership Wrangler



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