Picasso & Dali – Two Legends, Side by Side at the Dali

Picasso & Dali – Two Legends. Side by Side at the Dali`

We arrived at five twenty to find a line outside the door. It was Thursday and the admission price was just five dollars apiece instead of the regular twenty-five. As we progressed through the line, the people were in a good mood and the excitement could be felt. The cashier had a big smile and was warm and friendly.

We entered the next room and found a line to get the use of a free headset that would explain everything to us as we would wander around and see all the paintings. We decided that we wanted to experience the sights and sounds as well as the thoughts and meanings of the paintings. As we moved into the elevator that would raise us to the third floor, the people around us placed their headsets on and disappeared into their own dimensions and worlds. We exited the elevator to an over crowed hall where people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds stood in a stupor or inward silence. The headsets firmly placed on their heads and the recordings were playing into their ears, filling their minds.

There were two young people sitting on the carpet filling in a puzzle and doing their best to stay out of the way of the hordes of zombie like people walking and standing around them.

An older woman had found one of the only benches to sit on and was there waiting patiently like the young people for this experience to be finished. In her boredom, she stared straight ahead and was lost in her own minds eye.

The building is modern to say the least. It is cold, stark, unwelcoming, and artsy fartsy. The old building in which Dali’s works were held it seemed larger, warmer, and welcoming. The new building is high class with the same coldness that comes from old money.

I felt like I knew what it would be like, standing there weaving through the crowds, when we are over run by the silence of the walking dead, individuals unable to share their experiences, their feelings, with one another.

A baby cried out in boredom and lack of attention. It was a welcome sound to my ears. The grandmother was in horror that the silence of the zombies had been broken. She was embarrassed that the child was just being a child.

All in all, my experience was a good one. I enjoyed the paintings very much with a sense of who, what, where, and why they had been created and the story that went with each. I encourage everyone to expand outside of his or her world and experience this gallery for him or herself. The art of Dali` and Picasso goes far beyond melting clocks and odd looking blue faces. My personal encouragement is: Be fully engaged!


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