Ignored or Invisable

Ignored or Invisible:

I have often wondered when I am in a meeting that I was invited to be at if I am invisible or being ignored. If I bring up a suggestion to an opportunity, it seems ignored. If I give the information to someone else, it is amazing that the same suggestion is used. I have started asking questions of others who are being treated in much the same way. What I have found out, I did not expected at all.

I have found out that prejudice comes in many forms. One form is the letter(s) after or before someone’s name. As in AA, BA, MS, PHD, DR, CC, MD, and the list goes on.

Why do we place so much on the education system or the name of a school when the learning about the real individual can only happen by interacting with them. Can the name of a school really make one person smarter than someone that who is self-educated or experienced?

It seems the school of self-education is looked down upon as though knowledge or common sense only comes with a piece of paper to hang on the wall for others to look at.

The letters before and after your name are like the tail on a pig, neither will tell you if the bacon will be any good!

Are we, as a country turning into such a place that common sense is ignored or invisible? The people I have met that came up the hard way, so to speak, are smart, industrious, can take what they have and make it work. They are people who can solve problems because they have lived through them and have learned from their and others’ mistakes.

So, I say all that feeling ignored and invisible at times. Ask yourself this question: Are You investing yourself, your time, your talent, your knowledge, your experiences, in the wrong place with the wrong people?

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