Vanity License Plates

Vanity License Plates

How many of you out there have vanity plates on your car? You know the ones that spell out your name or have your favorite team, worthy cause, non-profit, Princess, slugger, and I am sure there are hundreds more.

Here is your question: What is the message you are sending?

First you send a message of support for your chosen group and the next thing you know you cut me off, drive up my tail pipe, or shoot me the bird. You, yes you! You are saying that the people in this car represent the cause on the plate and this is how every one of you that has these special plates acts on and off the road.

Why not create plates that say: I’m Rude, Knucklehead, Bad Driver, Bad Sportsmanship, Chief Bully, and the list I am sure would go on and on.

The two local colleges in the area would cringe if they only knew what the other drivers said about that such and such school, they all are @@@@@@.

If you are representing your cause, I am suggesting that you act as if you are representing them in a positive manner and be a courteous driver. In addition, oh by the way, become a better driver!

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Dick Powell   —  The Leadership Wrangler



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