Smashing Open Closed Doors!

Smashing Open Closed Doors

Do you feel like the doors to opportunities have closed right before your eyes? How did it happen? Does it make you angry? How are you handling it? So, what’s next?

Let’s look at three ways this can happen:

  • They close because of something we did ourselves. (Me)

Sometimes this happens and we do not even realize it when it does. We meet someone and accidently say the wrong things. We show up not dressed properly for the occasion. We are just going about out life; not paying attention to what is happening around us, who we are speaking to and have no intentional vision.

  • They close because of what someone else does to us. (Them)

Some people around you are quite happy with you and the way you are and where you are. They feel threatened by you wanting to move ahead, try something different, change. They want to hold you right where you are and keep things just as they are. The sooner you realize who these people are; you will be open to new opportunities.

  • They close just because that is the way of life. They just do! (Life)

Life is learning through trial and error. My granddad always said; “It is not the mistake that will kill you! – It is not learning from the mistake that will kill you.” Failure is a good thing, a positive thing, a way to evaluate and grow to go on to bigger and better.

How to Smash Open Closed Doors!

  • Be intentionally open to new opportunities. If you are not looking, you surly won’t be aware that they are right in front of you. What is your vision for your life? “If YOU are not planning YOUR life – Someone Else IS and WILL!” Be intentional about everything you are doing and you will be amazed at the doors this will open.
  • Be open to the thought that closed doors are a part of life.

Yes, some doors close even before we get there. We seem to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in the wrong circumstance. Research the situation and those involved. Keep the knowledge and experience. Learn from the situation and then move on. Look at your vision, match the mission, and make a new strategy.

  • Open yourself to new possibilities and ways of doing them.

There are times in all of our lives we become stuck in a pattern of comfort and stop looking and experiencing new ways of doing things. Snap out of it and take a fresh look around. Change is good!

  • Do your part! Live every day to the fullest. Do more than expected in everything you do.

These three things I heard almost every day growing up. Doing your part meant; you know what needs to done; do it! Living to the fullest; meant to enjoy the adventure of discovery and learn from each moment you are breathing. Doing more than expected; we all know what needs done. We all know someone needs help and you know how to be of help and can do what needs done. Just do it!

  • Keep moving! “Actions Attract” is a true statement. The more you move, the more opportunities you will have.

The Action Attraction; the world around you will see you consistent in your actions helping, motivating, sharing your knowledge and experience. They will notice. Opportunities will open up and you will achieve your goals and your dreams.

Are YOU ready to be intentional about YOUR opportunities?”

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Dick Powell



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