I Wish My Parent Could Understand

I Wish My Parents Could Understand.

  1. When I hand out with a boy/girl it doesn’t mean he/she’s, your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  2. School is hard and I’m trying my best.
  3. I’m a teenager, I don’t always have the best attitude.
  4. I try to make the best decisions for myself.
  5. I’m young and want to have fun.
  6. If I’s out all night it doesn’t mean I’m drinking or doing drugs.
  7. Not all my friends can be a bad influence.
  8. I feel useless whenever they compare me to other people.

The Wranglers Answers;

  1. When you hang out with a boy/girl it probably does mean that feelings are happening
  2. School is hard. Life is hard – get over it and get it done!
  3. Your attitude is up to you – get a good one and you will like yourself a whole lot better
  4. Making good decisions on your own is a fool’s paradise – Ask for some input
  5. Everyone wants to have fun – just remember fun has consequences
  6. If you are out all night – you had better be over 21 and living on your own, paying your own bills – Grandpa says; nothing good can come in the dark!
  7. You will become who you hang around – choose wisely – ask for direction
  8. Never feel useless – you are the only person you have to live up to – Expectations though are there to help you achieve what you do not see right now.

The Leadership Wrangler        Dick Powell

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

727-422-1833     Dick@EWFW.org     www.EWFW.org


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