School & Learning!

School & Learning!


What would happen if the community they live in held parents and our schools responsible for teaching life skills to the young people? Make life skills as important as the three R’s. The real world skills needed to not only survive but to thrive and carry on in this the great adventure called life. What would out world look like and likely become?

Common Core will be our undoing of individual thought and growth. Adults stunted into conforming to a set of guidelines from a book and have never toiled in the fields or in the back rooms of our world. Made to think and process data like everyone else. No creativity or thinking outside the book.

Each and every one of us learns in a different and individual method. We have known there are at least seven learning styles for many years and yet we still teach with just one. Why? It is easier! Common Core assumes that one size fits all and that, my friend, is far from the truth. Discovery and the quest for knowledge need to be nurtured from a young age. Our schools today stifle individual curiosity and discovery. The real way we learn.

The instructors I have had in my life found a way to hold a higher standard to ensure that the learner not only learned from them but were encouraged to explore what comes next! They never just strove for the end result of passing the test, often made up by someone else, but encouraged the learner to have the ability and knowledge to be able to pass on the knowledge to the next person. The “Each one teach one” practice enforces the learning.

What happened that we stopped teaching respect? Respect for themselves as well as others. Respect for those in authority. Yes, I was taught to question everything! Yes, I have always been the person to ask questions and it has cost me both in my personal and business life. The difference is that when I disagreed, I followed the rules to make a change.

What has happened to the simple process of being polite to one another? Have we lost all common courtesy? Respecting the person, the ideas, and the being courteous to each other is not common.

Do we teach children at a young age about money? That it is a tool and a resource. That it comes from work and is enjoyed by those who put their hands and minds to work to create and invent. We don’t encourage saving for the future or the opportunity to share with others.

Have we lost the pleasure of working with our hands? Have we lost the enjoyment of a job well done? Have we lost the sweat on the brow and having dirty hands? That life is hard and you have to work for what you want, need, and enjoy. Have we lost the way we feel when we have worked to make something of beauty and joy?

Why have we removed the music departments and the creative arts, and most important, physical education and recess? These creative and physical endeavors are where the mind learns to explore new possibilities, opportunities, dreams, and future ways to take a risk. Risk brings reward. No risk, stagnation occurs and that is what is happening to our young people and our adults responsible for their learning.


Use creative learning models where the learner gets excited about a topic and they are encouraged to learn everything they can about that subject. The Instructor will then see the learner use such knowledge to teach those around them. In this model, the three R’s are taught as part of the interest of the learner.

Instruction on:

Reading: Books, maps, newspapers, magazines

Money: Savings, investment, compound interest

Writing: Letters, resumes, email, Blog

Speaking: When, where, how,

Dressing: Correct style for body, colors, right garments for the occasion

Manners: Learn appropriate manners for different circumstances

Cooking: Learn to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals for a healthy life

Cleaning: Learn basic skills, products, tools and how/when to use them.

Washing clothes: Learn to sort, wash, dry & store clothing

Ironing: Wrinkles are really not as impressive as pressed clothes.

Using their imagination: Let the mind grow and wander around new ideas!

D.W. Powell

Leadership Wrangler

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development



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