Tattoos, Beards, et cetera

Tattoos, Beards, et cetera

Individual or Conformist?

Are tattoos, beards, or piercings signs of being an individual or a member of the tribe, a conformist? There is no right or wrong here, just an observation and question about why so many sport obvious tattoos, beards, piercings, and the like. Is the tattoo, beard, etc. your way of presenting your individuality, a way to spurn society, or something that connects you to your “tribe”?

So, now that having and sporting a tattoo is almost normal and accepted, are you a conformist or a non-conformist? The necessity to wear concealing clothing to make sure others who might disapprove, notice and maybe make a comment seems to be forced upon you if you have a tattoo in some circles. What were you thinking?

I grew a beard and had long hair when I was a younger. My parents claimed I was rebelling against society. I handed them pictures of our founding fathers that showed long hair and long beards. Then over time, beards and long hair became the “norm”. Everyone had one. The “norm” changed and hair went short and beards went short. I still have my beard, worn short and trimmed, my hair is shorter, too. Now I am just the old guy with a white beard and guess what? The list of men with real long white beards playing Santa Claus grows every year.

Wanting to fit in has always been a search for approval and acceptance. We search for approval from our family, friends, society and even co-workers or colleagues. What I have learned is that each new generation’s attempt to stand out in a crowd of individualists/non-conformists eventually become conformists through time. The search for individuality seems to be part of human nature

I will never forget the sentence proudly displayed in my room as a young man, “Let Me Be Free to Be Me!” So, what has happened to the individual? Have we become part of the “BORG”, where resistance if futile?

With all of our modern communication capabilities, we still search for connection with others and we are losing the ability to build lasting relationships, due to the non-communal life that is moving fast and ever faster.

Tattoo’s, Beards, Long Hair, Baggy Pants, Rock-N-Roll, The list goes on and on.

For me it is short hair, trimmed beard, tailored clothes, and a free and open mind.

What is it that makes YOU and Individual?

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