As a young man the need to prove myself as an individual, with my own thoughts and desires was strong. I grew up in a house where decisions were mandated by a working mother, I was left to my own resources by a father who worked long hours, and was basically raised by a grandfather. The need to strike out on my own and to do my own thing was a strong pull.

I was involved in Scouting and there I found out quickly more could be done in a team than by oneself. A mentor once said, “Nothing worthwhile can be done alone”. Those words have been proven over and over in my life.

One of my first jobs was on a ten-man telephone company line crew, where each man depended on the other for safety and knowledge. The jobs were hard. It would take all ten of us to carry a thirty-foot telephone pole into a back yard, dig the hole by hand and the raise the pole so it would drop into the hole. Even on the line crew, I sought out to be an individual with the way I dressed and the cut of my hair. Maybe not cutting of my hair is more accurate.

It was not long before I found myself working in the office and moving in a new direction. Doing my best to stay an individual, I was classified a rebel and lived up to that title. From the moment I learned to be an individual on side of the team, instead of outside the team, my career began to move in good directions. I applied the truths, values, and guidance learned in that Scout Troop.

Today, I am an author, speaker, mentor, and coach. My wife is also an author, speaker, mentor, and coach. Often we coach each other. What we have learned is working together we can accomplish great things, that alone would not be possible.

The question: Is your individualism holding you back from realizing your dream?

Who are you mentoring? Who is mentoring You?

Are You Ready To Find Out Your Answers?

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