The Feather and The Tree

The Feather & The Tree

See the feather on the fallen tree limb? It rests quietly on the limb as the swamp awakens. It is ready to give of itself to the regrowth of the tree. The feather is provided by a bird flying overhead. The bird will grow a new feather as a replacement and fly on. The downed tree shows life sprouting from its side reaching towards the sky, providing a resting spot for the bird and shelter from the storms.

Our life is like the feather and the new small branch and leaf. The bird shares its feather to add to the nutrients of the swamp as it breaks down and decomposes. The tree accepts the sacrifice, nutrients, and help to stand and grow again.

Helping others takes the sacrifice of self to discover our gifts and talents. Once done the process of sharing and caring will grow us as we help others.

Have you fallen? Who helped you up? Who have you helped up?

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Dick Powell

Leadership Wrangler

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development



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