Every day our life is full of interruptions: phone calls, emails, texts, someone at your desk, or the dreaded knock on the door. Are your life’s interruptions a cause for concern, a feeling of concern, questions of “Why me?” or “Now what”? Have you already made plans and feel put upon?

Are some of the interruptions actually an opportunity to serve others? Wow! Now, that is a new way of thinking. I am not saying you have to drop everything at every interruption. The need for some flexibility however is what we all need to include and allow to play out.

The question is Why do people seek you out? Surly you must have some insight, knowledge, or personal experience that they need at that precise moment. We need to be able to lead ourselves before we can lead anyone else and you must be on the right road if others are seeking you. The opportunity to build strong relationships and mentor when needed, becomes not a distraction or interruption but a time of working together.

Interruptions force us to first search ourselves for; What can I offer? What value can I share? How can I be of service? What is the return value of the time invested?

Interruptions, distractions, and changing plans is where the opportunities lie within yourself and those around you. Embrace the interruptions of life. Serve others!

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell

Leadership Wrangler



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