Many have asked me, “ Dick, What drives you to teach leadership and accountability?” To answer that question, I will need to introduce you to some of the men responsible for where I am today and the lessons I share with you.

Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout movement.

School was a mystery to me. Long times spent at a desk and not outside to learn all the world had to offer. I was told that I was not going to excel in the academia world because I could not read. What the teachers did not know was that I had read the Scout handbook so many times the covers were off both sides.

Earnest Thompson Seton was the first Chief of the Boy Scouts of America. He made nature study an important part of the Scouting program. From Mr. Seton I learned the name of the birds and all of the woodland creatures. I studied where they lived, ate, nested and raised their young. Collecting feathers to identify, bones to study, and shells to dream about, became a passion I still have today. My love of the outdoors was planted deep. Growing up on a dead-end street that only went as far as the swamp, might sound terrible. For me it was a playground of exploration and knowledge.

Daniel Carter Beard or Uncle Dan, established the outdoor skills that are still at the heart of the Scouting program today. Outdoor skills such as fire building, first-aid, water purification, cooking, eatable plants, to name a few, taught critical thinking skills as well as survival skills. I use these skills every day, navigating both the highways, byways, airports, and the grocery store.

Charles Wesley Bibler, my granddad, was a custom cabinet maker and could make something beautiful out of even the ugliest piece of wood. His lessons were about stick-to-it-ness. His biggest lesson was staying with the project to completion, even if it meant starting over more than once.

The one constant part of my life has been these 12 things I have done my best to live by and I will share them with you now.

The 12 Points of the Scout Law

  1. Trustworthy          7. Obedient
  2. Loyal                    8. Cheerful
  3. Helpful                  9. Thrifty
  4. Friendly               10.  Brave
  5. Courteous            11. Clean
  6. Kind                     12. Reverent

These Twelve Laws look to be simple and easy to follow on a daily basis. I for one can tell you they will take a life time to master.

 “If YOU are not planning YOUR life – Someone Else IS and WILL!!”

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