Speaking In Groups

Speaking In Groups

  • Stay with the facts:
    1. This not the time or place to share too much inner self. There will be time for this as the relationship builds.
    2. Resist your inner urge to tell all. Leave some mystery for a later time. Bragging is an immediate turn off. Do not mention your expensive houses, cars, boats, travel, education, or the letters after your name
  • Speech, language, sentence structure
    1. Stay at the audience’s level
      1. Start slow at first – if you see the audience sit up straight you can talk a little faster – once you have them, go for it.
      2. Who are you talking to?
      3. Where are you speaking?
      4. Regional differences-
      5. Be enthusiastic , not scary
  • Dress
    1. Match or Move Up
      1. Slightly over and you will probably be accepted
      2. Under they have written you off
      3. Dress too much fancier/dressier and you may offend them.
  • What message do you see yourself sending out?
    1. What do they see when you stand up
    2. What do they see walk in
    3. What do they see start talking
  • Is your message being received?
    1. Arms folded or open
    2. Sitting on the edge of their chair or slouching and fidgeting
    3. Nodding of heads in agreement or falling asleep
    4. Silent and verbal agreements, no reactions, or shock and dismay
  • Ask people what they see, hear, and perceive. Is it the message you hoped to send?
  • Perception Is Truth! The listener is always correct.
  • Practice Practice Practice!
    1. Get constructive feedback and implement it.
    2. Practice makes permanent.

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