How Self-Motivated Are You?

How Self-Motivated Are YOU?

What motivates you? Is it a significant other? Your children? Your extended family? Or Your PASSION?

When I ask people: What is your passion it always amazes me that most have an answer. The next quest ion is: Are you living your passion and that answer again is almost always the same. ‘NO”!

Those who are self-motivated. People, who get up, make a plan, complete the plan, by taking Action, are whom we usually call self-motivated. So why are there so few?

First repeat after me: “If It Is To Be – It Is Up To Me!” (William H. Johnsen)

Self-motivated people have:


Believe they can.

Learned from failures.

Are determined.

Are enthusiastic.

Are positive.

Self-motivated people do:

Write down their Achievements.

Examine their strengths.

Ask others what they see as their strengths.

Have a written Vision.

Have a written Mission.

Have a written Plan/Time Line.

Set achievable bookmarks on their Time Line/Plan.

Seek out a Mentor or Coach.

Are you ready to be Self-Motivated?

Need HELP?

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D.W. Powell – Leadership Wrangler

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