The New College Graduates in the Work Force:

The New College Graduates in the Work Force:

Today a discussion was had about whether or not a higher education prepared one for the workforce, in the real world. I was amazed when I returned home to pick up the newspaper and read an article that displayed and backed my opinion.

The article went on to ask employers what they felt was missing in the educational process in preparing graduates for employment. Here are the employer’s responses to what College Graduates Lack:

√ Interpersonal Skills                            √ Oral communication

√ Leadership                                        √ Written communication

√ Teamwork                                         √ Creative thinking

√ Project management                          √ Research and analysis

√ Math                                                 √ Computer and Technical Skills

I found this a most interesting set of facts. I have been saying this for the last twenty or so years and it seemed no one was listening. If these are actually the facts, then why are we, an educated society, not teaching these seemingly lost skills?

I was lucky. I was a Boy Scout and learned how to use every one of these lost skills through that program. Teamwork is taught as soon as you entered through the door for your first meeting. It is called “Patrol Method”. Leadership is learned through the use and study of Interpersonal Skills. Oral and Written Communication are learned while being part of that patrol. My love for Creative Thinking came from how to find my way in the woods, build a fire with flint and steel and how to find and prepare food for the Team/Patrol. We planned a campout while first Researching and Analyzing the needs of the patrol using Project management to complete the planning. If one did not do their part, possibly no one had a tent or dinner.

I realized that Math would be used as a way of building a budget, staying within the budget, and saving for a rainy day. The Computer and Technical skill came along as I went to a higher position in the Troop. Skills and advancement of the patrol members were tracked. You, see to be a good Senior Patrol Leader you would have to not only display each and every one of these lost skills, you would have to prove them in action, not just in a theory, and teach them to others. Experiential learning is a good teacher.

The question remains: How do we teach not only Academia, we also include Lost Skills and Common Sense? Where do graduates acquire these missing or lost skills?

We at Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development are a company that is the bridge between academia and real world life. Every day we encounter employers looking for customer/client skills. How to speak on the phone, write a simple order, follow up on an opportunity, be on time, dress appropriately, and use academic knowledge to be productive.

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell



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