How to Break Up a Team

How to Break Up a Team:


The very best way for any team to fail is lack of communication between all the parties involved. Open communication is the key. Good teams have a system for sharing information in a timely manner. It is updated and kept fresh.

No Common Purpose or Direction:

When everyone is working on their own agenda and it is not shared, there is no common purpose. Each is only out for themselves and may be in some ways sabotaging the others. Each is working against or in competition with the others. Nothing good will come of good in this group.


When one person repeats a story to another person that someone else told them, that is gossip. It is usually distorted, not true or embellished so it is not recognizable by the first person that told the story. Each telling alters the event and people may get hurt. These stories rarely end well for someone. If you were not there, it is not yours to tell.


When disagreements happen and they will, all in the team must agree that they will be open to listening to all ideas with an open mind. When disagreements happen they must be dealt with before they can linger and fester and ruin the team by discord. Sometimes it is necessary to agree to disagree and move on.


Sanctioned incompetence is when you look the other way and hope it does not happen again. Grandma says, “If you don’t want it to become a habit, don’t let them get away with it the first time.” Incompetence is a tumor that left unchecked will grow to the whole team.

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