Curmudgeon Ville

Curmudgeon Ville

Are you a Curmudgeon? Do you live in the town of Curmudgeon Ville? Are you stuck living in your past and expecting the future to go backwards?

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!!!

The past is a great place to remember and learn from. The question arises, did you learn from it? What did you learn?

The present is an everyday great adventure, a gift. Planned maybe, but with always the oops! that will change the outcome. The oops! is often the best part. The adventure is all about the little things that bring relationships together, that change or challenge routine, thoughts that move you to another place and time.

The future will be set before you in a mist, but do not be ridged in your plans. Life will happen and plans will change. The destination on the other hand will not.

Change is good! Change is growth! Change can be challenging! Change is inevitable! Change is the only true thing we are assured of daily! Enjoy it! Grasp ahold of it!

I looked up what a Curmudgeon was. See if you see yourself described:

Bellyacher                                   Old Crab                                     Faultfinder

Grumbler                                    Old Grump                                  Moaner

Sorehead                                    Sourpuss                                     Whiner

Griper                                         Old Grouch

Life is Good – Living each day to its fullest – Priceless!!

Are YOU ready to grab ahold of each day?

 Free 30 Minute Session with the Coach:

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Dick Powell   727-422-1833


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