We all will disagree with those around us from time to time. We were meant to have our own thoughts and that is what makes us individuals and part of the whole. When disagreements arise at work, home, or in a social group and they will, these are some guidelines to remember.

  • Listen with intentionality. Not just the words, but also the tone of voice and be aware of the body movements. Passion for a subject is sometimes a fine line where emotions will come through.
  • Respect the other party in that they will have information that you might not have. Respect their intelligence and thoughts.
  • Learn as much as you can from everyone and every place you can. Be informed.
  • Speak only after careful thought on the subject. State what you have heard and your understanding of it. Ask for a clarification if needed. There will never be a place for name calling in this process.
  • Be Specific about the item of contention and where you disagree. *Note* We are here to discuss the item not the person! This will be about ideas and items, not motives or intelligence.
  • Share your concerns in a truthful and caring manner. Go to the person or group directly. Never be a gossip.
  • Relationship is the most important part of this process. It will maintain that there will be time when we will agree to disagree and work together towards agreement. Keeping the relationship intact is the most important part of this process.

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Dick@EWFW.org     EWFW.org


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