Is Failure Really the End?

“Is Failure Really The End?”

Learning to fail can be the very best thing you can accomplish in life!

The more you Fail – The more you Learn

The more you Learn – The more you can Share

The more you Share – The more everyone Grows!

Failing is just the beginning – Not the End!!     — DP

These are words right from one of the absolute smartest men I have ever known. My grandpa. He was a custom cabinet maker and professional wood worker. He always said: If you want to see a great carpenter – he will be the one who knows how to fix the mistakes.

When he taught me how to use the band saw, I spent hours and hours cutting circles in the scrap lumber. I would draw the circle and start the cut. At first the edges were ragged and the circle looked like and egg. With practice and a steady hand the eggs turned into circles.

Purpose, Desire, Action, Persistence, Evaluation

In everything we do: We must have:

Purpose as to why we you doing what you want to do. A real deep down reason.

Desire that almost burns a hole from the inside of you outwards. It is what will wake you up at night.

Action takes planning, risk and putting the plan to work. No holds barred.

Persistence to continue when you want to stop and the drive to go on when others have walked away.

Evaluation is always the key to yesterday, today and tomorrow. It must be done daily. No excuses!

Are any of these a struggle for you and you are ready to move ahead?

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