Dirver – Start Your Engine

Driver Start Your Engine: Sales Engine that is!!

Before every race there are a lot that goes into getting ready.

Mental preparedness:

This is all about closing your eyes and visualizing the car zooming over the finish    line in first place. Seeing yourself accepting the trophy and hearing yourself thanking all of the crew that got you there!! See it! Feel it! Taste it! Practice the speech!

Walk the track:

Does it have curves and high banks or is it a road course? Is there anywhere on the track that looks like it will hold unforeseen problems? Be prepared.

Track Conditions:

Did it rain last night? Do your homework. Is this a brand new track, a barely driven track or an old and worn out track?

Films of other drivers:

When we study our opponent’s strategy and what they have to offer we can build a defense and go on the offense offering a quicker, faster, better, solution.


These are the real heroes of the day. They are the ones that will make sure you and your vehicle will be ready. A well-oiled team will always be your very best asset.

Suit up:

As with any high speed drive you suit up in your flame retardant suit. Shined shoes, Cool socks, pressed pants, starched shirt, colorful tie, groomed nails and above all groomed hair. Your armor will protect you from all other cars and Drivers.

Strap in:

Five point harness and clip in:

  1. 2 E + 1 M > Two Ears + One Mouth = Great Listening Skills
  2. It Is All About Them!!! (Their needs)
  3. Value brought (Product)
  4. Vision brought (Words)
  5. Close the deal

Push the start button:

The engine roars to life. You are prepared! Your mechanics have tested every part of the car. You have the talent to win. You see yourself and the whole crew in the winner’s circle.


Execution time! Disciplined, Intentional, All Consuming, Committed, Confident

Finish the race:

Finish line crossed. Winner!

Prepare for the next race.

Get started all over and do it again!!!!!

Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development

Dick Powell 727-422-1833

Dick@EWFW.org    www.EWFW.org


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