Admit When You Screw Up;

Just before my nineteenth Birthday, I started working as a lineman for a utility company. I was a skinny, young smart ass who thought he knew it all. I soon learned otherwise.


Admit When You Screw Up:

At the end of the day, as we would do our paperwork and talk about what we had completed and what needed to be done the next day, we would always ask the same questions? Was there something we could have done better and what did we need to change? On a large crew you find out early it is better to say when you have made a mistake rather than try and cover it up. When you had admitted the error and took the heat, it was forgotten as quickly as you made it. If not, it would be years later and the stories were still being told.

Apologize & Move On:

This is just what it says – Apologize – learn from your mistakes – Move On – Pass on your knowledge. Grandpa always said “Them who make no mistakes are them who don’t do nothing”

Accept Praise:

This was a hard lesson that I still struggle with. I remember the time that the lead lineman came to me one afternoon and told me I was doing a great job. I did not know how to react so I made a joke about it. I saw the hurt in his eyes by not accepting what he was giving. A valuable lesson, again learned the hard way. When we do not accept the praise given we hurt them and us.

Give Praise:

Finding something good to say about someone should be easy. It works as a great way to make your day a positive one. To the person receiving the praise it will make their day. You cannot be phony about this! The other person will always know.

Keep Learning:

Never stop learning! Read everything you can get your hands on. Trade journals (keep up in your chosen career). Books – (one that is a learning tool and one that is for fun) each month. The newspaper (be careful to not be discouraged when reading the paper – stay away from as much negativity as you can). Magazines – (don’t just look at the pictures – read some articles). Ongoing and continuous learning will take you places you never thought you could go.

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