Ten Things to Take You Through Twenty-Fifteen

Ten things to take you through twenty -fifteen!

Start TODAY!

1.)   New Attitude! (Smile – Be Thankful)

2.)   Get ‘R Done! (Stop putting things off.)

3.)  Find a New Hobby! (What have you always wanted to try?)

*You will need a couple of great hobbies when you retire.

4.)   Create Your Space! (A place to dream.)

5.)  The New YOU! (What do you want to project?) Are you projecting the person you want the world to see? Do you need to work on that image? (The one strangers see and the one you keep inside.) Ask people & make sure they see what you think you are projecting).

6.)  Eat Well & Exercise! You will feel better, have more energy, and improve the self-satisfaction quotient.

7.)  Change! What do you need to change to get to where you want to go? Maybe “improve” is a better word. Improve until you get it right.

8.)   Love Life! (It makes the world a better place.) Keep the positive and move quickly through the negative things that come into your life, you may attract more positive things that way.

9.)  Relationships! When was the last time you sent a real, not email, note to someone? Keep the relationships that matter nurtured. This might be good to start some new relationships.

10.) Help Others! (Help without anyone else knowing.) Someone once said the only good deeds that count are the ones where the giver never knows the receiver and the receiver never knows the giver.

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Dick@EWFW.org    www.EWFW.org   www.dick30d.wordpress.com


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